Turn2Gravel Explore Blidinje (BiH)​​

from from 22.8.2024 to 24.8.2024

The Turn 2 Gravel Explore comprises riding and targeted/special upgraded training in an 80:20 ratio, and encompasses everything we have learned so far, as well as acquiring new skills on one of the best off-road trails and in the most attractive locations in the Balkans, under the tutelage of Slovenia’s most famous instructor and 18-time Dakar veteran – Miran Stanovnik.

Miran will guide small groups of riders, while upholding the highest standards of Dakar riding, with a special emphasis on applying safe off-road and on-road riding techniques, after which he will analyse the executed training and riding, as well as certain aspects that need to be addressed in order to hone your prowess on the macadam.

Base camp – Blidinje National Park (Bosnia and Herzegovina), a vintage hotel conveniently situated in the middle of nowhere and enveloped by nothing but greenery, nature beyond compare and fresh air. From this location, we will ride on the most stunning mountain roads and off-road trails to the most eye-catching areas in the region. In addition to the unparalleled riding and off-road training, our riders will also have the chance to try the most exquisite local specialities “under the bell”, and enjoy spending time together after training

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