Introducing Miran Stanovnik

Architect of the Turn2Gravel Skill Development Program:

Miran Stanovnik, a luminary in the motorcycle community with an impressive resume that includes 18 Dakar rallies, is the mastermind behind our Turn2Gravel skill development program. As an official BMW Offroad Instructor, Miran has distilled his extensive Dakar, on-road, and off-road experience into a comprehensive training curriculum designed to elevate your riding skills to the highest level of proficiency.


His expertly crafted program is a testament to his unparalleled expertise and dedication to the art of motorcycle riding. Through Miran’s guidance, participants are immersed in a learning journey that not only hones their abilities but also instills a deep confidence to tackle diverse terrains. This unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned Dakar veteran and official BMW instructor promises to transform your approach to riding, ensuring you master the trails with the same finesse and skill that Miran brings to every challenge. Join us to experience the pinnacle of motorcycle training, meticulously designed by Miran, for an unrivaled journey to off-road mastery.


Your Off-Road Training Expert

From policeman to off-road enthusiast, Igor brings a unique mix of discipline and passion to his role as our off-road training specialist. His sessions are more than just lessons; they’re comprehensive experiences designed to boost your confidence and skill on challenging terrains. With Igor’s guidance, you’ll quickly learn how to navigate off-road trails safely and efficiently, no matter your skill level.

Gear Up with Simon

Your Tech-Savvy Trailblazer:

Simon, an Akrapovič exhaust specialist with two GS Trophy rides under his belt, infuses your gravel exercises with unmatched excitement and expertise. He’s your go-to for a thrilling dive into the world of motorcycle customization and expert trail navigation. Ready for an adrenaline-fueled training ? Let Simon lead the way to adventure!

Meet Klemen

From Motocross to Gravel Mastery:

Klemen brings his motocross racing background to the forefront as our Turn 2 Gravel instructor and mechanic extraordinaire. His racing insights and mechanical skills ensure you’re well-prepared for any gravel challenge. With a welcoming smile and a passion for teaching, Klemen makes improving your off-road skills and bike performance an exhilarating experience. 

Meet Jože

Veteran Cross Rider & Forest Trail Expert:

Jože, with his veteran motocross experience, guides you through the forest trails with unparalleled familiarity. In the Turn2Gravel program, he bridges the gap between exercises and real-world application, leading you on rides that test and enhance your newly learned skills. Jože’s intimate knowledge of these hidden paths ensures a unique riding experience, where each trail ride is an immediate, practical lesson in the art of off-road biking.

Introducing Manuela

The Guardian of
Our Training Park Legacy:

Manuela, our dedicated Organization Assistant, stands as the guardian of Cukarca – our training park’s rich 70-year motorcycle racing heritage. She meticulously orchestrates every event, ensuring a seamless blend of camaraderie, history, and learning for all participants. Her role is crucial in creating a welcoming atmosphere that allows riders to fully engage with the spirit of motorcycle experience. With Manuela’s careful planning and warm presence, each event unfolds flawlessly, inviting participants into a community where every ride is a shared experience, and every moment is a step closer to becoming part of our park’s storied legacy.

Meet Dragana

The Heart of Turn 2 Gravel

As the Operations Manager for Turn 2 Gravel, Dragana is the mastermind behind the scenes, seamlessly connecting all the dots to ensure your experience is nothing short of perfect. From coordinating comfortable sleeping facilities to arranging MasterChef-level cuisine, Dragana oversees every element of the event’s operations with precision and a touch of sparkle. She’s your initial point of contact, welcoming you into an adventure where every detail is thoughtfully planned to enhance your experience. With Dragana, expect a flawlessly executed event that hits every note of excellence.

Marko Samec and Anton Krašovec, founders of Alkemist Adventures, envisioned Turn 2 Gravel as a pioneering off-road skill development program. Recognising the gap in riders’ abilities to handle big bikes off-road during Alkemist adventure tours, they saw the need to bridge this skill deficit. By leveraging the rich heritage of a 70-year-old motocross park, they brought together top off-road instructors and Dakar racers to create a comprehensive training regimen.

The result? A groundbreaking program designed to equip riders with the skills to master various surfaces, from gravel and grass to mud and sand. Turn 2 Gravel represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, redefining off-road riding. 

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